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FOX Business
Dec 3, 2013 1:00pm EST
has, based on trading in environment where you can't trade that mention. adam: there is german expression -- >> i'm having lunch with miss germany. adam: i bring it up, because on the street they love to see someone at the top pulled down. >> right. adam: does this make it harder for goldman sachs going forward to recruit? they had the reputation best and brightest, to get the best and brightest? >> one of the interesting things about recruiting, how much money you pay. goldman sachs is tremendously profitable firm. still pay their people well. talk about bean newses earlier. will be a mixed bag. places like goldman will city pay people. when you're looking at business models, what do investors look at? they look at business models and see how it is going to fit in the next five years. given regulatory environment, the volcker rule coming down, not totally down but looks like it is almost done. will curtail proprietary trading, using their own ideas to trade in the market. they can take risks in trading, this is where they make their money, only based on a customer trade so mor
FOX Business
Dec 4, 2013 1:00pm EST
and the general economic environment that is positive and not negative. one that people are taking direct earnings and filing it back into their homes. lori: again, already. hard to take a breath from the last one. this is the biggest risk in the new year? >> for the next year we see the federal reserve action be important, but the bigger risk that we're worried about the most got the base case scenario as far as concerned or what we think will happen but definitely a risk that his outfit's upcoming debate. feels like round five or six of the same thing coming around again. whatever the politicians put in place an artificial deadline like this, yet again you have the risk of making an artificial mistake. because of the way the politics work is always a risk of that occurring. lori: thank you, serbia to adam: the government digging deeper into the model s tesla fires. they are asking tesla for its record of consumer complaints, property damage claims and other details as part of its investigation into two separate fires since october. regulators have requested information on design modifications to
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 1:00pm EST
, to have the luxury and held him dispose of excess merchandise in a proper environment so now we have great brands at great prices and an upscale environment and it fits in with the overall marketing program of their companies and their image. ashley: if people drive out to these outlets they figure i spent the gas money and have to come back with something, plays into this. >> absolutely. they get by or the win, that is crucial. if the customer goes back, surveys of customers as they left premium out of its 96% when they returned because of the great bys and great bands. tracy: cobblestone restaurants and things like that, a bunch of president, people from internet sites. they are scooping up designer stuff. how is that affecting you? >> our brands, and polo, pucci, coach. and manage their business excellently across all platforms. ashley: creamy him outlets are not what they seem. the clothing is not of the same standard, they have different bias in the outlet stores and that the deals are getting, they are not real. >> the study of the outlet business, any time they had authenticated the
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 11:00am EST
? >> i think i credit environment this deal to happen. think of where we were eight weeks ago. we were fighting over obamacare. now we're in a situation republicans do not want to have it on the budget. both of her pretty bad for them. let's look at the democrats. suffering politically from obamacare, they want to change the subject as much as possible. laws and the city are taking care of very important response abilities here until they've been pigmentation problems can get worked out. in one sense it helped. but also similar reason driving is as both parties are trying to kick this out for two more years to have an election and decide how these issues get resolved. accommodation suggests they will get a deal in the next couple of days. dagen: this is if you have described it to use your words some low hanging fruit. how does this deal come together and what are the chances it does? >> i think it is slightly better than 50% chance it is going to get done. remember, the two chairs negotiating the steel are not here to tell us what they want to get done, they feel confident they will g
FOX Business
Dec 3, 2013 11:00am EST
adding $85 billion a month. it is another trillion. and they did it in an environment where they were returning to normal behavior patterns. connell: the idea of being straightforward, absolutely, what happened? what is the follow-up? >> whether it is tech stocks, they go to an extraordinary level. bond prices go up because yields are coming down. you always get a warning at the end of the bubble, extraordinary reversal, and look at the bond markets, we just had that. at 1.7% on a ten year treasury, at an all lori: pace. after ben bernanke set i am worried about the pace of the interest rate, and climbing back up, all this money, inflation is inevitable, interest rates go up. and the bond bubble move, a bursting of the bubble, risk takers. and they are the ones that get hurt. connell: you are absolutely right, people have shifted their life savings to the bond market. interesting we started the show showing people in the streets of detroit hurt by the mismanagement of that city and upset about it even if there is nothing that can be done. you are saying a lot of innocent people could
FOX Business
Dec 6, 2013 11:00am EST
to as velocity of change. there's a possibility that the employment environment is getting better cheryl: voluntary departures have increased. >> you have this pent-up demand. they're willing to take more risk. cheryl: we want to thank teddy. we lost his camera. we have to get him back soon. degrees in california may have been shelling out more for oranges and other citrus fruit and the contract after day. dennis: you can drive fast on the audubon if you are not stuck in traffic but it will cost more if you are not german. details coming. first, take a look at energy. cheryl: we are -- 15,000, 1968 right now. one stock i am watching, belling, interesting news that of the seattle times, a shreveport, private report shows boeing telling 15 states that a trying to get the project, basically saying you have to come in at low cost, confidential document that each this could be 8500 direct jobs in the state did takes on the triple 7 manufacturing production facility when it goes to the 007, a big win for any state, washington state has labor issues and union fight with boeing's workers may der
FOX Business
Dec 9, 2013 1:00pm EST
is an offset. how much upside do you have? can we really push above $100 in that environment? probably not. this is the one if you watch while you are walking outside, because of the cold, another six-month high today. pushing for 22.90. the highest level since last winter. back to you. adam: thank you be at lori: also newsworthy as admin, eight tech giants teaming up to talk to the white house and congress. it has to please with revelations the u.s. spying or was spying on their customer data. microsoft and google joined by apple, yahoo, facebook, twitter, and linked into present a plan to the president and congress on regulating online spying and how the u.s. can put in place a worldwide effort to enforce it. also sponsoring full-page ads, starting a website with a list of their concerns. adam: apple another step closer, set to take preorders from iphones this week. reports say the website is inviting customers to order the iphone 5s on thursday, coming as the mobile giant gets closer to launching 4g service and advertised sales for other smart phones that support the new network. kandi
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7